The division 2 titanium farming

As mentioned, there’s no guaranteed method to Titanium farming in The Division 2 since all sources of Titanium rely on RNG to get it to drop. That said, there are three sources of loot that are more efficient for Titanium farming. Players can either focus in on these sources or just be more mindful of them in standard gameplay. Division 2: How to Farm Titanium - Once you’ve unlocked the three Dark Zone areas in The Division 2, you’ll be able to start farming Titanium pretty easily. Just head to any of the areas, and start clearing out landmarks. The Division 2 Titanium Farming Guide: How to ... - Crafting powerful items in The Division 2 endgame requires heaps of titanium. So far we’ve found three reliable ways to farm lots of it. The Division 2 Titanium Farming Guide | Game Rant

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